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Acoustic Insulation

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Knauf Insulation Kenya

We help you deal with noise by controlling the noise coming from outside (Soundproofing) or that coming from inside from getting out (acoustic treatment).

Knauf Insulation Kenya

Acoustic Ceiling Kenya offers professional sound proofing and acoustic treatment for sound studios, churches, halls,offices and recording booths. We also assist in the design of sound studios and best materials. We use state of the art polyethylene acoustics that are durable with a high noise blockage (with up to 63dB coefficient ) and an acoustic finish.We also do glass soundproofing for modern offices in Nairobi and other counties in Kenya

Our room acoustic products have successfully been installed in several sensitive acoustic constructions such as recording studios, home cinemas, radio or TV studios etc. In this category, our complete range of acoustical products that improve the interior acoustics is presented.