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Ceiling design is an important factor in the architectural planning and design of interiors. Spaces such as supermarkets and canteens must impress with an overall appealing appearance. The ceiling tiles in the Knauf AMF “classic designs” range are for this purpose an ideal solution. The large selection of classic finishes can be harmoniously integrated into any room and through their proven design, provide an aesthetically pleasing, timeless ceiling appearance.

The System C is the most common ceiling construction.

This is because System C is quick and easy to install and as a result provides a very economical solution. This system uses an exposed 15mm or 24mm grid system. Both square edge (SK), recessed edge (VT) tiles, and (SF) downwardly demountable tiles can be installed in this system. Each ceiling tile is individually removable providing access to any services in the ceiling void. The full range of AMF ceiling tiles are available to fit into a System C. It is also simple to integrate standard elements such as lights, speakers, heating and ventilation. All of the technical information in this publication is based on labortory test results.